First blog post

First blog post

Mother, Fitness Enthusiast, Beauty Product Junkie and Midwife.

My name is Jessica and I am from Dublin. I am a newbie to this blogging business. Starting a blog has been a passion that I have wanted to pursue for the past two years or so, but I hadn’t the confidence to get started with it.

However, life is too short to hold back on doing something because you’re afraid of what other people will think isn’t it?

So, long story short, I got pregnant last April, and I ‘tip toed’ around the idea of starting an Instagram account to document my pregnancy with keeping up with my health and fitness pursuits.

That Instagram has slowly gained a following, and now that I am on maternity leave, the itch to start blogging has taken over.

So, here I am, a new mammy, trying to figure motherhood out whilst continuing with my love for all things fitness and beauty related.

I am hoping to post as much as possible and I appreciate every follow and comment.

Instagram name: @burpeestobump

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