My Favourite Baby Essentials

My Favourite Baby Essentials

So I thought that this week I would share my favourite baby essentials/products for cleaning and changing since having Ellie back in December. I didn’t want to do a post on this for a while, as I had a lot of different brands of  nappies, wipes, baby bath etc that I had picked up in the weeks and months prior to giving birth that I wanted to try and test out to find out what worked best for us.

Obviously everyone has their own opinions and every baby won’t agree with the same products as mine has, but I love each item listed here and will continue to repurchase   🙂

Baby Bath: 

I am a big believer in not using anything perfumed or full on chemicals on a babies’ skin. Less is more when it comes to skincare and baby hygiene in my books. I was worried when Ellie was born that she would suffer with sensitive skin like I have done since I was small (eczema being my main issue to this day).

Thankfully before she was born I had stocked up on Elave products. I had heard of this brand before in work, and I also had a family member recommend them to me, as her little girl suffers from sensitive skin. I picked up a starter box in Boots which contains a shampoo, baby bath, and lotion for approx €20. A little goes a long way, as Ellie is 15 weeks now and I only finished the whole lot over the weekend. Her skin has (touch wood!) never been dry or had any reaction to these. They don’t have any fragrance, and are clinically proven to be kind and mild to skin. It lathers well once you are using a sponge to create more suds. I used these products for her first ever bath as they are suitable from newborn. I would recommend this range for any new parent that is hesitant about buying products containing chemicals etc. Elave are completely chemical free and are unique in that they are certified by ECOCERT Greenlife. This means that 99% of ingredients originate naturally; and 20% of the total ingredients are from Organic farming sources. Going forward these products will be a staple in our house.

I  also got a present of the Burts Bees ‘Baby Bee’ Shampoo and Wash a couple of weeks ago, and I have only introduced this to Ellie’s bath routine over the past two weeks. I am LOVING it so far, and thankfully it has agreed with my babies’ skin. There is a very faint ‘honey like’ fragrance to it, and it lathers very well. I love that there’s “No parabens, Phthalates, Petrolatum, or SLS” as advertised on the front. It is also a ‘no tears’ formula, which is a bonus, as nine times out of ten Ellie likes to splash herself in the face with her hands during her baths. Her skin is always lovely and soft after I use this, and I could sniff her hair all day with the faint scent it leaves. I will certainly be buying this again.


Having tried and tested every major brand on the market, I can honestly say that the ‘Mamia’ nappies from Aldi are the only winner for me.

Apart from being one of the cheapest on the market, these are defo the best quality for me. I got presents of different brands over the past few months, and found that either the fit or absorbency wasn’t up to scratch. As you all know with a baby comes the dreaded poo explosions, and these Mamia nappies have stood out as the only ones to contain the mudslide from her bum!

Nappy Bags: 

Again, I love these from the Mamia brand at Aldi. These nappy sacks have a lovely scent and are of a good strong quality with a nice handle tie.

In comparison, I had also purcased the Boots own brand nappy sacks, which smelt strange, were really thin, small in size, and lacked strong handle tie.

I never knew I would care so much about the quality of a poo bag, but when you wanna mask the scent of such things, I assure you that you’ll feel as strongly about a good nappy sack (Lol!)

Baby Wipe:

As I midwife, I would have only ever recommended using water and cotton wool on a newborns’ skin as baby wipes had built up a bad rep for causing irritation and nappy rash in the past.

If you look closely at ingredients listed on most “sensitive” or “fragrance free” baby wipes, you will still find up to 13 chemicals and additives to them. My rule of thumb for even food ingredients is ‘if you can’t pronounce it or the list is longer than a sentence, you should re consider your choice’.

Above is a typical example of the ingredients you will find on a ‘fragrance free’ and ‘sensitive’ baby wipe.

Thankfully WaterWipes have come onto the market in the past few years and literally have only two ingredients: purified water, and grapefruit seed extract (0.1%) which is a natural substance to prevent skin irritation and nappy rash.

I tend to buy these in bulk as they work out cheaper (as you can see from the pic below). They are a really wet wipe, which I love, as I only ever usually need to use one wipe to clean Ellie, as opposed to two or three with other brands. I have used these to even take my make up off (I know… bad habit to get into!) and have never  had any ‘after burn’ or stinging from them, which I would tend to get with other brands.

I tried to switch to other perhaps cheaper brands in previous weeks, but I have found that Ellie’s bottom has gotten irritated after a couple of uses.

I am of the opinion that,  yes, these wipes may be a little bit pricier than other wipes, but in the long term I am saving on nappy rash ointments/treatments and also having an upset baby with a sore bum!

I won’t be using anything else on her going forward as I really believe in using products that are chemical free with babies .

These are safe to use from newborn, and are so so so much more convenient than reaching for water and cotton wool at 3 am with a meconium filled ‘tar like’ nappy! 

Nappy Powder: 

Before it looks like I am contradicting myself, I maintain that Ellie has never had nappy rash or an irritated bottom. The reason why I use this is purely to ensure that her bum is dry after each change. As I highlighted, a benefit of using the baby wipes that I recommend above is that they are a very wet wipe. This is brilliant benefit,  but it does mean that I need to be careful that she is thoroughly dry after each change. I know that I could use a cotton pad to do this or air, but let’s be honest, the powder is quicker when in you’re in a rush. I try to only use this sparingly when out and about, or when time isn’t on my side.

When I am at home and in no rush, I air dry her bottom or indeed, use the cotton wool.
So there’s my round up of my fav essentials for cleaning and changing baby. Feel free to comment with suggestions of  your own favs for me to try out, or to comment with any other feedback!

Jessica x .

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