Baby Elegance ‘New Baby Bundle’ Review

Baby Elegance ‘New Baby Bundle’ Review

Having tried and tested my Baby Bundle package from Baby Elegance for the past four months, I decided it was about time that I did a quick blog post on how I’ve found it so far.

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The first time I heard about this package was when I fell pregnant. Myself and Ben were in the midst of ‘how the f**k are we going to afford everything?’ panic, when a woman in my Mother’s job told her about this deal. Myself and my Mam popped into the guys in Baby Elegance in Blanchardstown to enquire about the bundle. They couldn’t have been more helpful, and went through everything that was included for the E999.00.

We were blessed as my parents wanted to get it for us as a gift, so the lady dealing with our bundle set up a tab that my Mam could pay off every few weeks as it meant a huge chunk wasn’t coming out all at once.

Ben allowed me to pick the colours for everything….so naturally I had a ball doing so! The cot comes in white, wood, or cream…..I opted for the white as I knew I would love the contrast with blue and grey, or pink and grey, depending on what we were having. The travel system comes in a wide variety of colours, but surprise surprise I opted for the grey……. I’m a tad obsessed!  As we put the initial order in when I was about 13 weeks pregnant, I obviously didn’t know if I wanted pink or blue for the extras including the changing mat, bedding and bath set etc, so the lady in the shop said that I could come back after my 20 week scan and decide on my colour if we were finding out the gender.

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We were advised to arrange delivery for approx 8-10days before my due date, which was ideal as it meant the house wasn’t jam packed with boxes for months before Ellie’s arrival. It also gave us enough time to set up the initial essentials such as car seat, moses basket and pram before she came.

Everything was delivered on time, however I was left waiting for my grey travel system covers, which was down to the high demand for them as they were out of stock. I was a bit panicked that they wouldn’t arrive on time, but when I rang the store to tell them I was still waiting, the girl that I dealt with, arranged for a courier to send them out to me the moment they got them back in. Very helpful as it saved me having to go back in to collect them!

I found the whole service brilliant! It was so stress free having all the essentials delivered all at once, which saved us (well me!) waddling around trying to decide on what to buy!


With regards to the travel system, I honestly LOVE IT! I got myself totally overwhelmed with researching buggies and brands in the run up to Ellie’s arrival. I was worried that I should have spent a bit extra on it as people raved about other brands on forums etc. I do a fair amount of walking so I needed something durable and sturdy.

The ‘Beep Twist’ is SO easy to use, manoeuvre and fold. It is compact, lightweight and I have no issues getting it in and out of the car by myself (a two door VW Scirocco…..not the most baby friendly car, but Ben wasn’t giving up his own baby!). Even down to the ease of popping  the rain covers on and off, I love it, it is very user friendly!

My only initial concern with it was that the tread depth on the wheels seemed to wear down quite quickly. However, it hasn’t seemed to have gotten any worse, so initial wear may cause this.

The main essentials for a new baby that you can think of are in this bundle, even down to your ‘Baby on Board’ sign for the car, to your handbag clip on your buggy.

You get the chance to upgrade your changing bag to a larger size for approx. E5 extra, which I would 100% recommend as the standard  that comes with the bundle it quite small.

Overall, the whole bundle gets 10/10 from me. I could get into detail about everything included, but as there is so much , I would be here all day! It is ideal for someone having their first baby.

If anyone has any questions about it, feel free to DM me on insta, or I’m sure the staff in store would be more than helpful!

Jessica x

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