Friday Five Favourites

Friday Five Favourites

I am going to try and do a blogpost every Friday going forward about five things that made my week tick.


It could be anything big or small regarding beauty, baby, fitness or lifestyle. I think that it’s good to head into the weekend on a positive note, and it also gives me a chance to sit back and be grateful for the things that made the week good 🙂

The Weather!!!

Seriously, we are a nation easily pleased when the sun comes out to say hello! There is nothing I love more than getting outdoors when the sun is shining. We made the most of the weather getting out and about to the Botanic Gardens, bringing Ellie to see the ducks in St. Stephens Green, and going for walks. I think the whole country is in good form when we get a bit of decent weather, and I am grateful that I am in the position that I was able to get out and enjoy it!

My Birthday!

Who doesn’t love a bit of birthday fuss!? I felt so lucky and blessed this week between family and friends wishing me a Happy Birthday! I used to hate birthdays when I was a teen, as they just marked another year of me feeling depressed and battling my eating disorder with no progress. However, I now look forward to celebrating turning another year older and having my health and happiness in check! I got spoilt rotten, and celebrated with my gorgeous Nana who also shares the day with me, and turned 96!! AMAZING!!

Camile Thai!

It wouldn’t be me if a bit of grub didn’t make me happy! For my birthday myself and Ben opted to have a takeaway….I sure as hell wasn’t going to cook! We love Thai food, and usually order from DIEP, but I got a discount code for a tenner off food from Camile Thai ; so we gave it a shot. The food was DEEEELISH, I got the ‘Minced Turkey and Kale Slaw Salad’ which was gorgeous, full of flavour, and the portion was massive! What was better again was having the discount code! Happy days!

My New Fav Eye Serum!

Like I said on my Instagram, it is rare that I find a product for my skin that I don’t have some sort of reaction to! I have allergies that have allergies, and I am always wary of trying out new brands, particularly if it for my eyes. One of my best pals got me an eye serum from the new cult brand ‘The Ordinary’ and OH MY GOD…..I am SOLD!! As Miss Ellie is on sleep strike, and hayfever season is upon us, my eyes have been very puffy, tired and angry looking. After one use of this stuff, my eyes felt calmed and the skin on my eyelid and under eye area was instantly soothed. I have been using it twice daily in the morning and night and can already see such an improvement.

Pippa’s Fashion Factory is TOMORROW!!!

I am so excited to be headed to Pippa O’Connor’s Fashion Factory workshop tomorrow with my Mother and my Sister, for a ‘sans baby ‘ girly day out! I have been so excited for this since we got our tickets in February, and I am so grateful that I will get to enjoy the day with my two wing ladies. It is rare that I have any big plans over the weekends these days, so I am super excited for tomorrow! Now to find something to wear…..typical me last minute panic!!!

So that’s my short roundup of what has made my week good! Feel free to comment about what made your week good! It is good to take note of these things no matter how big or small.

Have a lovely weekend dolls 🙂

Jessica x

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