Tanning Thursday 

Tanning Thursday 

So as today is ‘Tanning Thursday’ (apparently this is a thing?? lol!) I figured that I would review two new tans that I have been testing out.

I am naturally a shade of Casper and I also have terribly sensitive skin….. it’s a fab combo! This means that I tend to have trouble finding tanning products which will suit my skin tone once they develop and that also won’t cause any nasty reactions. As a result of being so particular about what I can and can’t use, I usually stick to product for years once I know that it suits me. This means that  I haven’t ventured into using new tans for a while now,  so I am excited to share my two new favs.

I will share the pros and cons of each tan, one being a gradual tan and one being an overnight.

Catwalk HQ (best developed overnight): 

This tan is relatively new on the market and is Irish owned. I had a bit of difficulty tracking it down as the brand seems to still be branching out to new stockists. I picked up my bottle in ‘Bradley’s Pharmacy’ in the Blanchardstown Centre. It retails at €25, which isn’t cheap, so I had high hopes. A well known Cork blogger is affiliated with this brand and through her social media I had heard of the many skin benefits this tan has.

It is reported to be safe to use during pregnancy and chemotherapy, and contains skin healthy ingredients such as Aloe Vera , Goji Berry Extract and Ginkgo Biloba Extract.

“Contains extracts….high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and superfoods for your skin”

What I liked:

  • It smells really nice, there is vertually no nasty tan smell that can  tend to linger with other tans that claim to be odour neutral. The scent off this is fresh and I wouldn’t be put off going out with it on before I have my shower.
  • It left a lovely deep golden tan, there was no orangey or greeny tinge off it which I find can develop with other tans.
  • My skin didn’t feel dry or irritated with it on and  I also didn’t have any rashes or reactions.
  • It dries quickly.
  • It didn’t transfer onto my pjs or bed sheets overnight.
  • It’s Irish owned!
  • It lasted the whole weekend with no patches or steaks

What I didn’t like:

  • I would prefer the consistency of the mousse to be a little more foamy if that makes sense. I found that when I pumped it it onto the mitt my body heat or the heat of my house (I don’t know what it was) seemed to make it turn into a liquid consistency quite quickly before I had time to work it into my skin. I found that I had to work with the product very quickly to avoid it dribbling all over the place.
  • Although the packaging is lovely, if the bottle isn’t standing upright, the tan will slowly drip out of the nozzle. I leave my tanning products in a big toiletry bag, and when I went to take my bottle out this morning , I found that there was a fair amount of spillage into the lid. This would make me very hesitant about putting it into a bag while travelling etc.
  • The price point. Although it’s a lovely tan, I feel that it is a little steep for being so new on the market. I fully understand that the brand prides itself on the superfoods ingredient list etc, but as it is very new on the market I think there should at least be an introductory offer.
  • It is difficult enough to fully scrub off. It took me three intense exfoliating sessions to get this stuff off me! I was raw red trying to get the last of it off, which is great in one sense that it wears well, but it meant that I was fairly patchy and manky looking by the time I would have expected and liked for it to have had an even fade.

Overall, I would give it 7-8/10. I would repurchase, but I wouldn’t be in a rush to do so without trying out a couple of more tans on the market I am curious about.

Vita Liberata Luxury Tan (Gradual Lotion)

I have wanted to try a tanning product from this range for a while now, however as it is on the pricier side,  I didn’t want to invest in a full sized product in case I had a reaction to it, or if I simply didn’t like it.

I was lucky enough to get a sample sized version in my lucky bag at the ‘Fashion Factory’ over the weekend, and thank god I did!

What I liked:

  • There is zero zero smell with this. There isn’t even a faint scent to try and mask a ‘tanny’ smell, it just smells of nothing, which I love as there’s no giveaway that you have tan on.
  • It absorbs super quickly.
  • It can be used on the face for a healthy glow.
  • I didn’t have any reaction or rash with it.
  • It gave a gorgeous golden tan after about 4 hours on the skin.
  • It’s very buildable and subtle. I rarely have the patience to spend ages putting my tan on with precision, however I was really impressed that even on areas I usually mess up on (F.Y.I my hands and wrists!) it applied really well and left no patches or streaks!
  • My skin was lovely an moisturised after using it.

What I didn’t like:

  • Nothing! I actually 100% love this gradual tan and will defo be purchasing the full sized product. Perhaps I would say that it’s a little steep at €28 but for what you get, I would say that it is worth it.

Hope this helps those of you who were considering purchasing either product! Let me know if there’s any other tans you guys recommend!
Happy Tanning!

Jessica x .

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