Friday Five Faves 

Friday Five Faves 

So I meant to post this yesterday morning…. but better late than never!

Every Friday I take a look back over my week and pick out 5 things I am grateful for. In a world full of negativity and judgement, I like to sit back and take account of all the things in my life I am grateful for. It doesn’t matter how small or big they are, at the end of the day, if it made me smile….. I will pick it out for helping me week ‘tick’?.

  • The support I got from my Instagram followers in relation to the hate mail I received last week. I didn’t think anyone would give a hoot, but the words or encouragement to keep blogging and sharing my journey was so lovely. I defo felt like deleting my account when I read the message but all you lovely ladies have kept my head in the game! 
  • The weather! I cannot describe how much sunshine impacts my mood. When I pull up the blinds in the morning and see a big blue sky with a beaming sun, I know it’s going to be a good day! Also very grateful that I am still on maternity leave to enjoy it! 
  • My new Chanel goodies ?? one of my besties spoilt me rotten for my birthday and got me the new Les Beiges eyeshadow palette and Mademoiselle Moisture Mist spray, which is TO DIE FOR! She always goes way overboard, and I really feel so lucky that I got them as a gift! They certainly ain’t cheap and I’d never buy them myself so it was amazing to get them. Thank you Mel ??
  • Family and Friends! After watching the horrendous events of Monday in Manchester I cannot describe how grateful I am for my family and loved ones in my life. To think there is such evil in the world frightens me and makes me feel so guilty that I brought a baby into such an ugly world. But when I take into account how lucky I am that my family are alive, safe, well and healthy I am grateful beyond measure. I feel these days you win the lotto based on where you are born. I look at Ellie and think that a beautiful baby born in Syria on the same day is not as lucky as she is and is living a very different life than her. It haunts me. 
  • Getting my nails done. Sounds very materialistic and yes, it is! But I haven’t paid any attention to my nails in months and months and decided that they needed some attention. Defo was an impulse ‘treat yoself’ moment, but sure look, you only live once! ? 

That’s my round up of my Friday Five Faves! Have a great weekend! 

Jessica x

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