It’s Friday, so here is the round up of five things that made my week tick! It doesn’t matter how small or big they are…. if it put a smile on my face, or made me feel happy/ grateful …. it counts!!

It is so important to count your blessing and take stock of all the positives you have going on in your life. Even if you had a difficult week, try and find a bit of good in it. Even if it is something as small as having a good chat with someone, or being healthy enough to get out of bed every morning this week. I assure you that there is someone out there who would love to be in your shoes no matter how bad you think your week has been. …………PERSPECTIVE!!!
My Five Faves:

  • This afternoon I got to use a voucher  I got for my birthday to have a ‘Hot Stone Massage’ at The Castleknock Hotel, in the Tonic Spa. I have had massages in the past, but this was on another level! With breastfeeding, I find that my posture is terrible which means it is leaving me with terrible backache, and tension around my neck. Today’s massage has totally loosened me out and it was so relaxing! I haven’t ‘switched off’ like today in months! I know treatments like this are pricey, but I certainly think my mind and body benefitted hugely from it. I hope to go back for another one in a few months. My therapist’s name was Mariana, and she was incredible if you ever get the opportunity to try one out for yourself! 
  • Pay Day! I think this one is self explanatory ? I know the saying goes ‘money doesn’t buy you happiness’ but I think it certainly helps! Also worth reminding myself that I am very lucky to be in employment that pays while on maternity leave which is something I wouldn’t take for granted!
  • Our visit to the ‘White Moose Cafe’ on Sunday! The food was to die for….. the menu was hilarious and the staff were so attentive…. it was little wonder as to why they were voted as ‘Dublin’s Best Breakfast ‘ by 98fm. I am already looking forward to going back. 
  • Job opportunities …. This week I got a call to work with a brand that I have previously represented before. I am looking forward to getting the opportunity to work with them again this coming week however …. I will be on my own this time!  I am so grateful to get chances like this and it forces me out of my comfort zone. All shall be revealed during the week, and hopefully next Friday this will still feature and a positive of my ‘week that was’. 
  • FINALLY overcoming my irrational fear that I will fall on my face doing a Box Jump in the gym!! As much as I love the gym and how it is routine to me to go and challenge myself, I have had a mental block about attempting a Box Jump since my shins got skinned about 2 years ago ?. This morning I just said ‘GO FOR IT!’ and voila….. I did it! It sounds so stupid, but when an exercise has petrified you for years and you finally overcome it…. it feels amazing! 

So that’s my Friday Five Faves! Hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend ??.
Jessica x

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