Friday Five Faves 

Friday Five Faves 

*Once again…. I totally forgot to click ‘Publish’ on this when I wrote it on Friday…. hence to two day delay! ?
As always, I like to end the week on a positive note before heading into the weekend. It’s really important to reflect on the ‘week that was’ to take account for the things/moments that you are thankful for ? . It doesn’t matter how small or big they seem, I always find it is beneficial to practice gratitude to put things into perspective and keep you present and in the moment.

  • New work: I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with WaterWipes this past week. I have previously worked with them at the Baby Fair in the RDS back in April. I really enjoy getting to chat to expectant parents, and parents on a causal basis discussing the brand and why they differ to other wipes on the market. I truly stand over the brand ethos, which is keeping things chemical free to be gentle on babies’ skin to use from birth. I feel very grateful that I got the opportunity to work with such a well known and trusted brand. 

(Practising setting up my stand in my kitchen last week! ??)

  • I got 4 gym sessions in! As I have said before, I don’t put pressure on myself like I did before I had Ellie to get 5 workouts in every week. Since she has been born I have averaged on 3 sessions a week, which I have been happy to get it…. as every effort counts! However this week I managed 4, so I feel rightly smug with myself! 
  • Girls Night! …. simple enough, but I had my gal pals over last Saturday for some wine and a catch up while the boys watched the football. We had great fun just chatting and watching old 90’s music videos on YouTube. Sounds like such a small and simple thing to do, but it was a great trip down memory lane and I am always left in a good mood after catching up with my besties!​

  • Getting sent the ‘My Feeding Pal’ from the lovely Eimear from Accessories For Babies! I have been having difficulty trying to track down a mesh fruit holder for Ellie that was small enough for her mouth. Eimear kindly gifted a ‘My Feeding Pal’ for Ellie and it was a huge hit! As it comes with both a smaller and larger teet, it is perfect for accommodating growing mouths. Ellie got great relief from teething with it, as I popped some frozen bananas and berries into it. Defo a thumbs up and made my life easier this week! 
  • Last but not least….. Ellie got picked as one of the 10 little ladies to be a BRAND REP for Little Bow Pip. I am SO thrilled and grateful that out of a whopping 4,000 entries my little princess got picked! I am so excited to get snapping pictures of  Ellie in all of Nikki’s beautiful bows. We are so lucky to be representing such a fabulous brand! A huge thank you to Nikki! I hope we do you proud! ?? 

That’s it for this week!!


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