Friday Five Faves

Friday Five Faves

It’s Friday….. which means that it’s the day I round up five things over the past week that I loved/ made me smile / put me in good form.

It doesn’t matter how small or big they are, I find it really beneficial to put a little time aside each week to focus on all the good things I have going on. I absolutely cannot stand people dwelling on the negative, there’s enough doom and gloom in the news as it is. Therefore, I always try to keep anything I blog about positive and upbeat! ūüôā

So here we go ……

  • Tackling my irrational fear of driving unknown routes!!! …… this may sound totally ridiculous, but here we go…….. I have a full drivers license 5 years and I literally do not drive any further than my local shopping centre and work! For that reason, I have built up this irrational fear that I’m incapable of driving further afield. However, the past two weeks I have been somewhat forced¬†out of my comfort zone for a bit of work that involves travelling. It was the best thing for me, as I now know I am well able! I got to Enfield and Navan and the world didn’t combust…. hurray!

  • My Elave goodies! I was sent some Elave products this week to review and I am so chuffed with this opportunity as I love¬†their stuff! The package that was sent was absolutely jammers with lovely stuff to try out for both myself and Ellie. I am so grateful and really looking to getting a blog post up asap!

  • Belly laughs from Ellie. I could post this every single week, but there is literally nothing better than hearing Ellie laugh! The joy she brings into our home is just indescribable!

  • Securing a part time job. As I have previously mentioned , I am going back to my real life¬†job as a Midwife next month, however …..on a part time basis. This obviously means a big dip in the wages, but I don’t care, Ellie will be only this small once, and I want to be there for this special time. The full time shifts in the hospital will mean that I wouldn’t see her as much as I wanted and I don’t want that. However , I am delighted that I have secured a flexible part time job closer to home that means going back to my roots in retail ?? it is ¬†in a store that I loved working in during my college years and I am really happy to be going back.

  • My health! Sounds simple…. but my eyes have been opened this week to a lot of ill health and I just feel very grateful that the health of myself, family and friends is all good! Your health is truly your wealth and I think people can get so caught up in material things and forget to acknowledge this. Be happy your breathing and moving!

Have a great weekend!

Jessica x

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