Elave Sensitve Sun SPF and Botanical After Sun Review

Elave Sensitve Sun SPF and Botanical After Sun Review

If you have been following my Instagram account the past couple of weeks, you will have noted that I was kindly sent some Elave products to test out. I had met the Sales Manager at a Baby Event last month in Boots. I happened to be there working with another brand, but I got chatting to Sinead from Elave about baby skincare; and I discussed with her how much I like the range. I had previously blogged about Elave in ‘My Favourite Baby Essentials’ post that I published back in April. I happened to mention this to Sinead, so she gave me some new samples of skincare that Elave have launched that I wasn’t aware about.

I was highly impressed with the sample sachets of skincare that I was given, so much so, I emailed Sinead to let her know I loved them. She then kindly sent out the full sized products to continue testing . I am in no way obliged to write a blog post to review these products, however, when I love and trust something , particularly when it comes to babies, I love to share it.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have ridiculously sensitive skin. I have had Eczema all my life, and I take reactions to a lot of cosmetics and skincare for this reason. Naturally, I was so worried when I had Ellie that she would take after my skin type. Newborn and Baby skin is sensitive enough as is, without throwing in skin conditions on top of that.

With the bit of decent weather we are currently experiencing, I am firstly going to review to the sun care products I was sent out: Sensitive Sun SPF30 (250ml RRP:E19.95) and Sensitive Botanical Aftersun (250ml RRP:E19.95).

It was as if fate sent these products my way, as I had yet to find a sun cream that suited Ellie.

We had gotten a bit of fine weather at the beginning of May when Ellie was just pushing the 5 month mark. I know that guidelines do not recommend sun cream until a baby is over 6 months of age. Although I always try to keep Ellie shaded,  I was still too afraid to be out and about without something on her skin. For that reason I bought a brand of sun cream that maintained it was “suitable for babies delicate skin” and for “baby in the shade”. Unfortunately, this cream did not agree with Ellie at all. The cream itself was very ‘paste-like’ and did not appear to absorb into her skin. She was left with a white, sticky residue, and her skin developed a rash shortly afterwards. Although this brand is popular across many parenting forums, it did not do the trick for us.

For this reason, I was on the look out for an alternative sun cream for Ellie when the Elave samples came to me. What’s for you, won’t pass you eh?

Sensitive Sun SPF 30:

To say I fell in love with this sun cream from word ‘go’ is an understatement. Unlike the brand I used previous to this, I firstly loved how easy this cream was to apply. Having a wriggly 6 month old means that putting on cream and waiting for it to absorb can turn into a slimy mess. This cream is a lightweight oil- free formula, and soaks into the skin so quickly without leaving any sticky residue.

This cream is an EU compliant with it’s high UVA and UVB broad spectrum sun protection system. It absorbs 97% of UVB radiation which causes sunburn. It is unique in that it is free from worrying chemicals, is hypo-allergenic and paediatrician approved from newborn. This is so reassuring during those early days with a baby when you are afraid of even a smidge of sun getting onto their skin which sometimes cannot be avoided.

I love that it is enriched with soothing and nourishing skin healthy botanical extracts. It also contains Vitamins B5 (acting as a moisturiser and also an anti-inflammatory by stimulating your skin) , Vitamin E (known as the ‘wound healer’  helps to prevent against free radical damage and stimulate natural cell growth to repair and rejuvenate the skin) and Vitamin C (to neutralises free radicals, and protects against discolouration and fine lines….this obviously doesn’t relate to Ellie yet, but it surely does to me!).

What I love most about this cream is that when you read the list of ingredients and look into the purpose of them…..it becomes clear that there is a ‘skin health’ benefit to every ingredient listed. There are no unnecessary additives, which owes to the brand’s ethos of keeping things ‘pure’. Elave have mastered creating a sun cream that has no parabens, alcohol, sulfates, sodium lauryl sulphate, lanolin, formaldehyde, synthetic dyes, colours to name but a few. I love that everyone in the family can use this, and that it’s not just for babies or adults so there is no need to go buying separate creams for holidays.

As far as how effective it is….. once it is applied as directed i.e 15 min prior to sun exposure and reapplied every 2 hours thereafter (or more frequently if swimming and towel drying) it does what it says it should do. We had Ellie in her paddling pool all weekend and used the cream as instructed, and she did not burn or have any redness despite the beaming sun.

As there is no internationally agreed standard for testing sun protection products, Elave have adopted several testing procedures as defined by the EU (Colipa) and US (FDA). From both testing studies it can be concluded that this Elave sun cream has the expected SPF and UVA protection values as detailed on the bottle.

Overall, this sun cream gets a big thumbs up and it will definitely be repurchased. As Elave is an Irish brand, based in Dundalk, it is really lovely to see an Irish skincare brand come up trumps on some other international skincare brand.

Sensitive Botanical After Sun

Although myself and Ellie didn’t get burned with the sunshine, it was still important that we used an After Sun after being outdoors in sun exposure for longer than usual. Likewise to the sun cream above, this after sun is paediatrician approved, dermatologically approved, hypo-allergenic, free from worrying chemicals and clinically proven to be kind and mild to skin.

It contains Aloe Vera gel- which acts as an anti-inflammatory, emollient, and reduces redness and irritation. It helps to fight free radicals from sun damage and helps to moisturise the skin and minimize peeling.

Elave have added Menthol to this, which is really calming to the skin and relieves itching by giving a cooling sensation when applied.  Vitamin E, a firm favourite for any cream, is also included to stimulate natural cell growth and prevent against free radical damage from sunrays.

This cream is hydrating and lightweight, and can also be applied to the face, which I really like, as again, it saves on packing more products when it comes to holidays.

As with all of Elave products, there are no unnecessary ingredients. It is free from  parabens, alcohol, sulfates, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers, methylisothiazoline,  dyes and lanolin.

Thankfully this cream agreed with both mine and Ellie’s skin. It left the skin smooth and moisturised without any sticky residue or stinging.

Overall both of these products were very impressive. As with anything I blog about, I don’t ever share what I like unless I really mean it. ‘Lukewarm’ feelings on a product will never get a genuine thumbs up if I don’t love and mean it!

Hope some of you may find this write up helpful when you’re choosing your sun care products this summer.



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