Friday Five Faves

Friday Five Faves

Once again this post is a few hours late, but better than never! Although I still plan to do a somewhat of a ‘gratitude’ post each week, I think that this will be my last Friday Faves as the idea has been replicated on other blog posts and I’m happy to park it here for a little while.

For the past few months, each Friday I pick out 5 things or experiences that I am grateful for other past week. It doesn’t matter how small or big they are, I like to practise gratitude as often as I can, and find it beneficial for keeping things in perspective. It helps to ground my thoughts, and ease anxieties I may have, as it highlights how god damn lucky I am!

So here’s the Five Faves!

  • Celebrating Father’s Day last Sunday! I am so blessed that I was able to celebrate with the two great men in my life, my own Dad and Ellie’s Daddy! Too often we take for granted family….and its so important to be thankful for their presence, good health and involvement in our lives. I am sure there were many mothers, wives, and children missing the presence of a Dad to celebrate with, so always be grateful to have them around!

  • Ellie’s blessing. Without getting into too much detail, Ellie comes from a family of two religions. Myself and Ben are happy for her to make her own choices  as she grows up, however we felt it was important to acknowledge both sides. She was blessed last Sunday in her Dad’s family church, and it was a lovely ceremony. I never thought I would be one of those Mothers who bawls crying with pure happiness and pride, but as she was up on the alter getting blessed with well wishes and good health, I was an absolute mess! It was a lovely day and she loved being centre of attention.

  • The sunshine! What a scorcher of a week!? As the saying goes “what is rare is wonderful!” and we tried to make the most of the good weather. We enjoyed time in the garden with Ellie in her paddling pool, went for nice walks and dined al fresco. I live for family quality time, there is nothing nicer! I felt so lucky that we were able to get out and about. I am sure there were people stuck in work, hospital beds and other commitments that couldn’t enjoy it! Always remember to make the most of it!

  • Elave Sun Care! Following on from my last point, I was SO grateful that the Elave suncream and after sun didn’t disappoint! I have been using it a while now, but this range is defo a fave of mine for keeping Ellie’s skin safe in the sun. I completed a review of these in my last blog post if you are looking for more info on them!

  • The Little Bow Pip brand rep package arrived! I was like a child on Christmas morning when the postman arrived to deliver it! Nikki and Pippa sent heaps of bows for little Ellie to model. I feel so lucky my baby gets to rep such a fab brand. I admire Nikki so much for the hard work she has put into building such a great business. I have shared a #motivatingmotherhood post on her already but I truly mean she is so inspiring! I cannot wait to get Ellie styled up in all her new gorgeous bows!

So that’s my Friday Faves! Have a great weekend everybody!

Jessica x.


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