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A Yum Life Inspo

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I am thrilled to have been asked to feature in this Pretty Yum Co. blog post about my daughter’s bedroom. Ellie is just about to turn 8 months and she has recently transitioned into sleeping in her own bedroom. I wanted to make sure her room is a place that she enjoys being in, is full of colour, fun, and has pieces in it that stimulate her senses.

We moved into our new home in January just gone, which was only a few short weeks after Ellie was born (it was hectic to say the least, but such an exciting time!). We were fortunate enough to buy a new build, which was brilliant as we had a lovely fresh blank canvas to start from scratch with. I was adamant that I wanted Ellie’s room sorted first before any other room in the house. After a few weeks living in my parents house until ours was ready; Ellie hadn’t a place I could call ‘hers’. All her stuff was all over the place in my parents home, she was being changed on desks and kitchen tables, and her ever growing wardrobe of clothes was invading the house; it was just so messy! I reckon my poor parents were biting their tongues most days and counting down the days until we moved out. Sorry guys!

It has been the most rewarding feeling ever to be able to provide Ellie with such a lovely room and a beautiful home. I am very house proud and myself and my partner have worked very hard to be where we are today (and of course good luck has played a part also!) . Decorating Ellie’s room has been such a fun project and I have been in my element putting ideas together for it.

I get majority of my ideas from Instagram and Pinterest. I love following accounts like @kids_interior1 @kidsdesignlife for ideas and also bloggers such as @Tignam and Nikki from @littlebowpip as I think they have a great eye for décor and interiors.

When we moved into the house it was already painted a muted grey which I love. I was tempted to paint Ellie’s room straight away; but I really like the idea of the uniform colour throughout the house as its seamless and doesn’t disjoint the theme, so instead I opted to keep the grey but add splashes of colour with wall art, decels and colourful bunting.

(Trio of butterfly pics from The Range Liffey Valley)

(Sleepy Eyes and Heart Decels ….Pretty Yum Co)

(Wooden Wall Art …The Range, Liffey Valley)

I didn’t like the idea of making the room too ‘themed’ with one idea as personally I wouldn’t be into decorating a room around a particular cartoon character/ movie (although it can turn out beautiful) . I think it limits you for adding bits and bobs to a room as the years go on. I also think children change their minds like the weather about what they like, so its safer to go with more muted theme that you can integrate little ideas with. Overall Ellie’s room is very girly and pretty with ballerinas, butterflies and hearts featured throughout. I like that there is nothing too ‘over the top’ and that most of the decorative elements can be easily removed or added to as the years go on. In time she may move into a bigger room but there won’t be much work in changing this room back into a guest bedroom when this happens.

Ellie’s bedroom is the smallest in the house. I chose this as I didn’t feel she needed a big bedroom (she’s only a baby!), and also to try reduce the risk of cluttering up a bigger room to make it feel ‘done’. Although her room has quite a lot going on; I think it is the perfect amount. It is very easy to keep clean, and her changing unit has everything to hand which means it doesn’t get messy.

I love that the chest of drawers and shelving unit are from my bedroom in my parents house. These were originally pine, so I just sanded them back down and painted them white and baby pink. I was thrilled with how they turned out after a face lift, and it is lovely that two pieces of furniture from my childhood bedroom are now a part of Ellie’s room.

I think having open shelving stocked with essentials like nappies etc is very handy to have, as it means easy access, and that things are effortless to put away. In time I will get shelving unit; but for now it fits perfectly and serves as a great purpose. The ballerina box on the top shelf top houses her bibs; which again is a really handy piece of storage that is easily accessed to save leaving piles of clean bibs out to have on hand (as I feel like I’m constantly up and down to change them!)

I find it really hard to select my favourite bits in her room as I love it all. If I had to whittle it down though……I really love her little book corner. The “Once Upon A Time..” wall decal is from Pretty Yum Co. and the little book ledges are from Ikea (cheap and cheerful for approx. €6 each). I think its a lovely little feature to the room and again it makes things easy to tidy up after a bedtime story.

I also adore the two pictures up at the end of her cot. They were both made for her which means they are of huge sentimental value and I love that they have pride of place in the room for Ellie to enjoy. The top painting is done on glass and was painted by my friend’s mother who is super talented. It’s a fabulous piece and I love that she incorporated the song lyrics from ‘Swinging On A Star’ to it. The picture below was drawn by my very close childhood friend, who copied it from a picture I had taken of Ellie on my phone. Again this is of huge sentimental value and I was delighted to incorporate the two pictures together to make a feature wall.

The ballerina mobile over her cot is beautiful and so girly and pretty. It’s a real focal point and Ellie loves looking at at while she’s lying down (although I do have to take it away from her when she’s playing in her cot as her hands love to grab onto it as she’s so curious) . It’s such a delicate mobile and again this is from Pretty Yum Co. it’s really unique and fits perfectly into the room.

I also have to mention the glittery ‘Sleepy Eyes’. These seem to be really popular at the moment for kids interiors and I think they are super cute. I arranged the heart decels as a heart around then and I think they look great together on the wall. These can all be purchased online at Pretty Yum Co and together with the open shelves displaying all her gifts that she got since she was born; I think the whole lot together looks really neat. 

The felt ballerina mobile hanging from her cot was bought in Laura Ashley and it really adds to it. I love the pink against the white and it makes the whole cot look really pretty and softens the look of the bars.

The textured heart mat is from Next and I think it really ‘lifts’ the floor as I know the grey is quite dark for a babies’ room. The rest of the bedrooms upstairs are floored with same carpet so it was more cost effective to do Ellie’s room with the same carpet. A simple Mat  makes such difference to it though.

I certainly wouldn’t class myself as ‘crafty’ but I got frustrated trying to source a light shade for the room that I had envisioned but couldn’t find anything close to. I love splashes of colour and Pom Pom details so I improvised and made this light shade. It’s by no means perfect but Ellie loves looking at all the colours and I think it draws in all the colours on the bunting that borders the room. The shade itself is from IKEA and the materials to make the rest are from Tiger and Sostrene Grene.

Overall to conclude this post I would definitely say that it doesn’t cost the earth to decorate a room. As I explained, a lot of what is in the room is either second hand, DIY or from very reasonably priced stores. If you are planning to decorate or are in the middle of decorating  a babies’ room I could only advise you to be practical with your ideas. You need the room to be funstional while also putting your own stamp on it. It’s all well and good having storage units that are closed up and look great but I think when it’s 3am and your changing a baby you need things to be easily accessible and easy to put away. In terms of decorative pieces, look online. If you are decorating a smaller room, make use of corners to make features out of rather than say a full wall to work with as it can be hard to get an idea to fill a full wall.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and have gained a few ideas and tips 🙂
Jessica x .

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