The Funny Moments of the First Year of Motherhood

The Funny Moments of the First Year of Motherhood

As I sit here on the sofa feeling nostalgic about this weekend (a year on from when I went into labour), I got thinking about all the funny and stupid things I’ve done since becoming mother.

I was one of those girls who used to eye roll when I heard the likes of ‘baby brain’ but believe you me….. it is a real thing! A phenomenon that manages to get me every.single.week.

I never imagined that tiredness would lead me to do some of the things I’ve done, but hey presto here I am owning up.

So here’s a quick low down of some of the stupid things I’ve done since a little lady named Ellie came into my life (and stole my brain….. but most importantly, my heart!)

Feel free to comment below or on my IG and Facebook with some of your finest ‘Mammy Moments’.

  1. Using a self service checkout to then proceed to walk off minus everything I bought (I’m embarrassed to say this has happened more than once!)
  2. Phoning people to then realise I totally forget why I called them.
  3. Waking up to realise I had been trying to breastfeed the back of Ellie’s head instead of her mouth (no wonder she was still screaming )
  4. Walking around a car park for nearly a half hour only to realise I had in fact walked to the shopping centre.
  5. Realising mid questionnaire that I’d ticked ‘no’ to having a child (whoops!)
  6. Completely forgetting to go to work! (Morto!)
  7. Going totally blank forgetting people’s names that I’ve known for years
  8. Going bananas at my dog in the park for not coming back to me to realise I had been shouting ‘Ellie’ instead of ‘Bo’
  9. Taking about a half hour to put a rain cover on the buggy for the first time to realise it was inside out every single time I got it on ….. so damn tricky (eh not!)
  10. Having a buggy about a month and insisting that the car seat didn’t attach on so we HAD to bring the bassinet EVERYWHERE…..(when in fact it did attach on the whole time ….. Ben will never let me live that one down)
  11. Putting Paprika in mine and Ellie’s porridge instead of cinnamon (poor child!)
  12. Burning more dinners than I have in my lifetime out of completely forgetting I had put them on (sorry Ben!)
  13. Arriving to the gym to realise I was still in my slippers
  14. Taking my make up off with nail varnish remover (it’s not pleasant I wouldn’t recommend it!)
  15. Getting so excited that Ellie had the all clear from an ultrasound scan I over excitedly raced out to tell Ben with her in my arms……. and proceeded to WALLOP her head off the doorframe as a result of my enthusiasm (better again it happened in work, in front of a colleague …… ended in snots and tears from both myself and Ellie….. and I am sure a debate from my colleague to call social services on me…. morto!!)

I am sure I’ve missed out on loads, but I had a right giggle at my not so finest moments.

Have a great weekend!

Jessica x

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