New Year, New Me ….. and The January Slump

New Year, New Me ….. and The January Slump

Happy New Year everybody! I cannot believe how fast 2017 went…… I feel like it was only St. Patricks Day two minutes ago! People don’t lie when they tell you that the years will literally go in like lightening once you become a parent…. like how on earth do I have a one year old? How was I pregnant in 2016 when it still feels so recent to me?

Anyway…. as I drove to work this morning at 7am ahead of my 13 hour shift I couldn’t help but feel that imminent sense of ‘doom and gloom’ that the holiday season is over; that my bank account is offensive, and that it feels like I’m just back to the normal mundane life that is …. well … life!

Isn’t it gas that we look forward to precious time off every December to enjoy quality time with family and friends to be ‘merry and bright’ , to glam ourselves up and let loose? Why can’t we make that effort every couple of months? Life is too short to wait until December every year to do the above.

I for one have made a New Years’ resolution to let my hair down more often and to be more social. I am terrible for saying ‘no’ to going to things for various reasons such as ‘I’m in work in the morning‘ or ‘I can’t justify spending that’ or ‘I won’t know anyone else going’.


So back to my drive to work this morning (sorry…. I digress!) ……as I felt that little voice in my head telling me ‘you’re back to normality now’…. I got thinking about all the simple everyday things that make me happy, make me smile or give me comfort. So as the January blues set in (I always get them!) I shifted my thoughts and instantly felt my mood lift thinking about all the simple things in life that I’m so happy to have, and that I should appreciate more. So if you’re reading this and feeling a little glum, here’s a list of the things that make me feel good, or make me smile and that I hope will get me out of my ‘end of silly season’ funk ☺️

  1. New bed sheets
  2. A lie on
  3. A good workout
  4. A hot shower after a long day in work
  5. New pjs
  6. Walking my dog
  7. The first coffee of the day
  8. Falling into bed after a night shift
  9. Lazy mornings in bed with Ellie and Ben
  10. Getting kisses from my daughter
  11. Hearing my daughter laugh and seeing her smile
  12. A good hair day
  13. A good fake tan
  14. A bargain
  15. Feeding Ellie
  16. The smell of fresh clean clothes
  17. Coffee dates with friends
  18. Going to my parents house for a visit
  19. Date night with Ben
  20. Getting glammed up for said date night…. or a gals nights
  21. Getting nice feedback on blog posts/ images I post
  22. Days off with Ben and Ellie
  23. Time with my skin and blister
  24. A nice meal
  25. Going to the airport
  26. Holidays
  27. Not getting lost when driving somewhere new
  28. A clean house
  29. A good glass of wine
  30. Laughing until my stomach hurts
  31. New make up
  32. Staying the night in my bedroom in my parents house
  33. The smell of Ben’s aftershave (swoon!)
  34. Getting a good parking space
  35. Finding money in an old handbag
  36. Seeing Ellie with her grandparents
  37. Seeing Ellie with my Nana
  38. Watching a good film
  39. Hugs that you don’t have to ask for
  40. Working with people that have a great sense of humour to make the day go in better
  41. When a stranger smiles at you
  42. Chats with friends that go on for hours and you’re oblivious to the time passing
  43. Seeing how much my friends love my baby
  44. A good cuppa tea
  45. Random kisses on the cheek from Ben
  46. Fresh flowers
  47. My Mam’s cooking
  48. Chats with my Dad when he collects me from work
  49. Seeing the end of my washing and ironing basket
  50. Meeting new people
  51. Time off with family and friends
  52. Dancing
  53. Had written notes/cards/letters
  54. Scented candles
  55. Doing a wardrobe clear out and de cluttering
  56. Turing the radio up full blast in the car when my favourite songs come on
  57. Thank you cards/ messages
  58. A good poached egg
  59. Scenic views
  60. A sunny day
  61. Knowing that no matter how bad a day may seem…… I have a roof over my head, amazing family and friends surrounding me, a partner and a daughter I adore and the knowledge that I used to dream about what I have now!

Happy New Year! Have an amazing 2018 and find the joy in the simple things…. life doesn’t have to be a massive adventure or a fairy tail to appreciate all that you have ✨

Jessica x x x

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