The Blogger Backlash

The Blogger Backlash

On foot of the palava a couple of weeks ago regarding the false advertising from popular bloggers online, I wanted to do a quick round up of my thoughts on the issues brought to light and also give a shoutout to some of my favourite bloggers and online personalities that I follow who I feel ‘keep it real’ and don’t try and pull the wool over our eyes.

We are a small aul nation, and of course us women are better than the FBI themselves for finding out the truth, so if you’re going to put yourself out there under false pretences, us Irish ladies are sure as hell going cop on sooner rather than later and call your bluff.

I promise that I won’t dwell on all this negative talk too long, but I firstly want to address the whole ‘over photo shopping’ and ‘face tuning’ that litters our Insta feed on the daily, which in turn leads to portray an unrealistic body image. For the young and impressionable 14-18 year old somethings that make up majority of the audience who follow such accounts; I agree that it is totally irresponsible of these bloggers and online personalities to post this photoshopped content repeatedly .

As a teenager; I myself suffered from anorexia which led to hospitalisation, and I admit that I used to spend hours and hours online googling images of the ‘ideal’ and ‘perfect’ body. This was well before the days of Instagram.

Quite often my searches led to result pictures of catwalk models during fashion week at Paris, Milan and New York who looked emaciated and down right unhealthy.

It’s such a pity that these days we now have a platform for the ordinary and everyday girl who could to be voice of something ‘real’ from the content they post, however there is this unspoken pressure from society to ‘fix’ and ‘tweak’ every lump, bump, roll, sag, spot that they post.

This can lead to some online ‘ordinary girls’ and personalities to repeatedly post doctored up images of themselves to ‘fit in’ with the ‘glitz’ and the ‘glam’ of times gone by.

And what will change going forward?? Absolutely nothing!

This shite will just lead to more impressionable young girls (and boys) growing up in a world where they will never feel pretty enough, skinny enough, or perfect enough! Enough is enough. It’s time to be real and true to your following. We all love a good filter, heck I use them myself, but when you spend hours scanning over every minor ‘flaw’ you assume you have, to photoshop out, you should ask yourself the question what’s driving you to project a false image to your audience.

This surely cannot be accepted in this day and age to be normal…. can it?

I understand the aesthetic appeal of a nice clear image with a fab back drop (I myself am crap at this photography skill, so I give props to the skill these people have) but I am at the point now where I eyeroll at the overly perfect feeds of some accounts. It’s not relatable for the multitude following.

That’s not to say that I agree with following an account where you detest everything about the creator of the content just so you can bitch about them on an online forum. That’s just having too much time on your hands.

However, I don’t class it as ‘bullying’ per se- I feel this word is been flung around by some online bloggers wrongly and it’s really grinding my gears.

Ask a child or teenger who is dreading school everyday due to bullying what exactly ‘bullying’ is, because it sure as hell isn’t a follower commenting on your page to state that they don’t like your top or that they query reviews that are littered with #ad #sp. That’s just called someone having a bitch and a nose, love.

You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but don’t brand it as ‘bullying’.

You need to grow thicker skin if such comments make you believe it is and lead you to go on blocking sprees and rants about how horrible and vile people are for just having an opinion. That’s not saying that I agree that women should post negative comments or opinions on a bloggers’ style or appearance, but I don’t see a problem in followers questioning content or reviews that are continually paid and sponsored posts. Where has the authenticity gone? Can we not think for ourselves anymore?

Basically, don’t follow accounts that you don’t like, and don’t brand people bullies for making general remarks or having an opinion that differs to your own.

Having been blocked myself by a very popular blogger for nothing more than complimenting her style and asking her to have a look at my own (at the time) fresh-faced blog, I’m baffled at how untouchable some bloggers feel they are.

When I messaged her on a personal account to ask what offended her from my blog and Insta account, she couldn’t respond.

It’s sad as I still genuinely like this blogger and her content but I can’t help but somewhat feel that there’s a whole falseness surrounding the persona she posts.

I’m all about women supporting women and I cannot stand being bitchy for no valid reason.

So, here are my favourite online accounts I follow from women that I feel are genuine and ‘real’ . I’ve met a handful of these lovely ladies, and for those that I have, I must say they come across exactly as they do online, warm, friendly, and engaging.

I didn’t write this to offend anyone or call anyone out, but the whole thing has to stop.

At the end of the day, treat those how you would like to be treated and if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Lastly, if you spend hours gazing at images of yourself to photoshop time and time again, you need to put the phone down and work on some self help and start to love yourself, warts and all ?

My Favourite Irish Online Bloggers and Accounts: <<<<<<<<<<<<<
s not in order of preference, and it is definitely missing a few that I will have forgotten about!)

  • Pippa O’Connor – Mammy to two, fashion guru, total Mom Boss and an all round lovely lady.
  • Eimear Varian Barry – Mammy to two with another on the way. Incredible style, eye for interiors and hilariously funny
  • Eimear – The Two Darlings – Mammy to three, parenting blogger. Down to earth with honest relatable content, fab eye for interiors and fashion.
  • Orla Hopkins –  Mammy to two, Fitness blogger and Mom Boss as lovely in person as she appears online
  • Little Bow Pip – Mammy to two, Mom Boss, fab style, honest, one of the hardest working ladies I follow. Deserves every ounce of success that she has.
  • Rosie Connolly – Mammy to one, beauty and fashion blogger. Absolute beauty with a personality to match.
  • Edel – The Pharmer’s Journal – Mammy to one, beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger, very funny and down to earth with honest and engaging content.
  • Martina Reynolds– Mammy to one with a wardrobe to be envious of! Gorgeous Insta feed.
  • Louise O’ Connell – Mammy and full time Nurse, great content with honest reviews, No BS.
  • Stephanie McNamee – Mammy to two and freelance make up artist. I have huge admiration for this lady. Comes across so lovely, honest and charismatic.
  • Sinead De BUTLEIR– Beauty/Fashion Blogger and fulltime Nurse. Very honest and engaging content, fab style and a lady who supports fellow ladies.
  • Samantha Mumba– public figure/singer , Mammy to one- absolute lady, fab style, breastfeeding advocate and all round girl crush
  • Amanda McConnell– Mother and Fitness enthusiast, great to follow for workout motivation and healthy eating inspo.
  • Ciara and Saoirse– Mother to one, lifestyle blogger and full time Masters student, a ‘gals gal’ who claps when others are winning! A doll in person.
  • Ursula Walsh- Mom Fitness Diary – Mother to two with another on the way, fitness and lifestyle blogger. Absolute lady with honest content, very warm and engaging, brilliant content (I could listen to her speak all day!)
  • Alison Canavan – All round Mom Goals. Advocate of self love and mindfulness, her content has helped me so much especially since becoming a mother. I love her positive attitude and no BS approach to what she posts.
  • Amanda Moroney- Recalibrated Bodies– An absolute gem of a women, health and fitness coach. A doll in person and who has personally helped me in a way I couldn’t thank her enough for (or her business partner and hubby-to-be Daniel) She is a fountain of knowledge, hard working and extremely dedicated to everything she throws her hand to.
  • Claire Balding– Snapchatter and Mammy to two, one of the funniest people to follow on social media, doesn’t give a f**k and talks about real issues. Love her!
  • Doireann Garrihy (Dzzzoireann) – Spin 103.8 DJ, creator of #thedoireanngarrihy… HAVE to be following this girl! She is a howl and a lil fashion guru! #goals
  • Terrie McEvoy – Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, oh and a full time Nurse living in Oz. Great content and so kind in person (our paths crossed briefly for all of a few mins during my Midwifery training when I was in second year on placement in general hospital where I was totally out of my comfort zone, I hadn’t a breeze what I was doing and she was so helpful and kind!)
  • Erika Fox – Retro Flame – Lifestyle blogger living in New York. Incredible style, gives honest reviews, very generous to her followers and all round #goals.
  • Julie McCabe- Ordinary Gal– Beauty and Fashion Blogger, Mammy to one and defo an ordinary gal who you can relate to. Love her page.
  • Tara O’ Farrell (Tara Makeup) – Make-Up Artist and expectant Mother. Love her snaps and her talent for painting faces. As warm and engaging in person as she is online, oh and she also has two really cute Yorkies, so you have to follow her!
  • Celyse Elle – Only recently following this lovely Mammy. Her photography skills are unreal and her posts are honest and engaging. Fab style and her little baby is just the cutest!

That’s just to name but a few of the fab Irish online bloggers and influencers I love based on their honesty, photography, talent, style and  blog posts. Make sure to give them a follow!

Jessica x


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