Beauty Bits I’m Lovin’ Right Now…

Beauty Bits I’m Lovin’ Right Now…

I’ve been meaning to do a little beauty blog post on some new products I’m loving the past few weeks so here I go ……

Bellamianta Liquid Gold Tan

Thanks to the girls from Proscecco and Heels for giving me the heads up on this tan! I have tried so many of the most talked about tans on the market at moment and to be honest I’ve been disappointed with a lot of them. Most fell short of the hype that surrounded them and I was left with some tan disasters. I had heard good things about Bellamianta tan from a select few bloggers that I’d trust their word so said “feck it I’ll give it a shot”.

Initially I thought the bottle was tiiiny and I would fly through it; but a little goes a long way. It’s so easy to apply as it is tinted so you see where the product has covered. There’s no biscuity smell and it is not one bit sticky. It dries fast and develops into a lovely olive toned medium to dark tan as described on the bottle. I have a lot of dry patches and areas of sensitivity as I would be prone to eczema breakouts. The tan didn’t aggravate any of this for me either which is always a big thumbs up as that’s often a problem that I have with tanning products. I will most definitely be repurchasing.

Penney’s Naked Nude Palette

This Primark beauty cost me a grand total of €3.50 and I would buy it ten times over! I cannot believe the quality of these eyeshadows. The colours are beautiful, so pigmented, and last all day long. It is unusual that I would use all shades included in a palette but there’s not one that I wouldn’t touch. If you don’t have one, get one! Such a handy size also for your handbag ………can you tell I just love it!? Just buy it, thank me later!

C.Y.O Rainmaker Lippy Duo

Before I start – this C.Y.O product was sent to me as a gift but I will be buying a second one! I hadn’t even heard about the C.Y.O brand before this so I didn’t have any expectations good or bad , but I am pleasantly surprised.

It’s about time a make up brand came out with a high quality liner and lippy duo. This is so pigmented and moisturizing. The liner and lippy compliment each other so nicely. I love the colour as it’s perfect for everyday and gives the most kissable, hydrated, gorgeous looking lips. It’s not a bit sticky or drying, and something I’m always fussy about is funny smell or taste from a lip product which I can safely say this doesn’t have. Adore, adore, adore!

No.7 Nude To Night Palette

Again, this is a No.7 product that was I gifted, however I wouldn’t bother to take pics and edit them unless I was legit with how much I like something. I firstly love how compact and practical this palette is, perfect for travel and bringing you from day to night. The colours are all so wearable and pigmented. If you aren’t into shimmers however this may not be for you! The eyeshadows wear really nicely throughout the day and don’t cake or crease (I’ve yet to see how they would wear after a night out schweatin’ on the dancefloor – we could be waiting a while for that one though #mumlife!) . There’s also a contour, blush and highlight included also. The bronzer is really nice, not too dark or orange, the blush is nicely pigmented yet buildable. The highlight wouldn’t be one I’d rate hugely out of the whole thing purely as it’s a bit too silvery and white toned for me, however I would totally use it and save myself bringing another compact away with a separate highlight. Overall I really rate it and will be getting plenty of use out of it – for my daytime mom madness that is, lol!

Maybelline Instant Eraser Concealer

Holy Moses, where has this little gem been all my ‘raccoon-eyed’ MomLife?!!

I bought this Maybelline concealer only last Monday and I can’t believe how much I love it. I was a bit skeptical about it as I generally don’t like sponge applicators or twister tubes, however it applies so nicely . It doesn’t crease into fine lines or go dry in areas and it blends effortlessly. I am used to using a very thick and pasty concealer in the past as it’s all that would cover my blemishes, nonetheless, I am converted to this beaut and will be repurchasing over and over as a staple in my bag of Witchcraft (make up bag to the rest of you normal folk!)

Penney’s/ Primark Lippies

These little Primark gems have really impressed me. I picked them up on a whim as I just loved the shades, but given the cheap price point I didn’t have high expectations (prices ranging from €1.50 – €2). I was pleasantly surprised when I got home to test them out. The lippies are really pigmented, no funny smells and not too drying (for the Matte shades particularly) the Lustre one is really hydrating and creamy to apply. Yes they may need a little more re applications than higher end brands, but given how cheap and cheerful they were I would have expected that anyway. Big thumbs up!

Essence Gel Polish

I’ve spoken about these Essence nail polishes before in the past and how much I rate them. Working as a Midwife means that I’ve had to ditch the gel and shellac which is a pain in bum. Nails always have to be totally bare for infection control reasons , so I always make the effort to paint my nails on my days off to feel like me again. I’ve tried so many shades from this range and have loved each and every one of them. I think they are about €1.80 and come up trumps on other expensive brands. My ultimate fave is called “Pure Beauty” which is a really nice pinky nude colour. Always a repurchase!

I’ll leave it there for now as I could go on and on and on talking about products I’m loving at moment as there are so many.

If you managed to read this far and enjoy these kind of posts let me know, as I love writing them, but never know if they are of use to anyone. As always, I’ll try and keep the products that I discuss on this affordable and budget friendly!

Jess x .

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