It’s been approx 8-9 weeks since I began a new skincare regime with Dr Derm and Biotrade Acne Out products (kindly gifted to me by Cosmetics of Bulgaria)

My skin is something that I have always self conscious about as I have quite obvious scarring and blemishes as a result of pustular acne throughout my teens. I was excited to try out the products as I had heard rave reviews and saw some incredible before and after pics from various bloggers in the past that I trust.

I have been so religious with these products as I really wanted to give them a fair trial. I have made sure that I am applying them both morning and night to cleanse and moisturize my face. I have used the Dr. Derm ‘Cleansimg Foam and Peel’ as a face wash both morning and night. I then use the same product as a peel (it is a multi-function cleanser) about 2-3 times a week. I always notice an immediate difference in my complexion after using the peel; my skin instantly looks brighter , more radiant and blemishes appear smaller. You need to leave the product on for at least three minutes after giving it a good lather with water firstly to work it into a thin foamy consistency. I found that if I rinsed off the peel any sooner than 3 minutes -the results weren’t as obvious. Initially during the first three weeks using this product I only did the peel twice weekly. However, as my skin built up a tolerance to it, I was able to introduce a third peel in to my weekly skincare routine. You may notice a little bit of dryness over the first couple of uses-  as obviously actively peeling away the dead skin layers. It is really important that you ensure  to follow up with a good serum and moisturizer, which brings me on to talk about my other two magic potions.

The ‘Collagen Hydrogel’ is serum by  the same Hypoallergenic Line from Dr. Derm. I feel that it can only be described by me as giving your skin a big glass of cold water. It is the most gorgeous product to apply after cleansing, it feels so soothing as it soaks in as it contains ‘Sea Collagan’ and the holy grail ‘Hyaluronic Acid’ to quench thirsty skin . I gently apply this by patting and pressing into my skin as opposed to rubbing it in . It is a gel like consistency soaks in really quickly. It doesn’t leave any residue or shine, and helps with calming any redness. I’ve noticed particularly around my eye area that I was beginning to get some fine lines (fairly normal once you’re over 25 unfortunately!) and I genuinely don’t notice them as much since I’ve started using this serum so I imagine that is due to the collagen and hyaluronic acids helping to plump out my skin. My skin is so much smoother and radiant since using this which I don’t even feel that my pictures have picked up on enough.

I then alternate with the serum with the  Biotrade ‘Acne Out’ cream with SPF 30 . I use the Acne Out as my daytime cream as it has the benefit of added sun protection. I have noticed that the Acne Out cream helps to lessen any redness from hormonal blemishes that I still get around my time of the month (I don’t think that there will ever be a skincare product that will eliminate these breakouts for me, as like I say, they are hormonal and come and go within that God given week from Aunt Flo!) . This is not only a great cream for my skin, but acts as a great make up primer and doesn’t congest my skin.

Along with my blemishes I also have very sensitive skin that is prone to eczema ,thus, I was very wary that introducing a new line of products may upset my skin. I have only been pleasantly surprised with the results and I am 100% repurchasing all of the above. They have felt nothing but nourishing, refreshing and have actively been making a difference week to week to my skin.

My skin is overall looking so much brighter and smoother. My family and friends have even commented that my complexion has greatly improved. I am 100% certain the texture of my skin- particularly where it has scarring, has a smoothed out. My make up applies so much easier and isn’t sitting in or caking into dry patches, scars or fine lines.

I am about two thirds of my way through each of the products and plan to use until they are empty. As I said above,  I will definitely be reordering all of the above as I genuinely feel that I’ve finally found products that are effective. I have spent years and years paying a fortune to try and achieve the results these products have given and I am eager to try out a couple of more products that have taken my interest from both the Dr. Derm and Biotrade range.

I hope this little blog post has given a little insight into them, and if you have any questions or comments feel free to DM me or pop a comment on my page.

Jessica x .

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