Bow and Rattle Shoot

Bow and Rattle Shoot

It’s not everyday that you’re asked to take part in a photo shoot for a designer baby bag company, so when the opportunity arose I jumped at it! Bow&Rattle specializes in beautifully crafted baby bags, that are both super stylish and above practical for all the necessities that a baby bag should offer. The attention to detail and quality of each bag is second to none, and I genuinely wanted to run away with the bags I got to model on the shoot with. They are so plush!

The day in itself for the shoot was beautiful, we were blessed with the weather and I really felt the sunshine and clear skies added to the pictures, as it gave a really nice crisp autumnal feel. We shot around Ballsbridge area close to some really nice cafés and restaurants. We then moved around to get different shots outside some Georgian houses, you really can’t beat those big beautiful doors as a back drop.

I was unsure if bringing Ellie along was the right decision or not (Caragh who owns Bow&Rattle was really easy going and was happy for her to be included) however in typical Murphy’s Law fashion, my normally good humored child decided to have a meltdown once the camera came out, so needless to say the phrase “never work with children or animals” couldn’t have been more accurate! We have learnt our lesson for any work in the future that includes her, as we lacked both food and a buggy while we were shooting , #epicfail! C’est la vie! Nonetheless we managed a few shots mid tantrums which I am so pleased with (she doesn’t look the slightest demonic as she did in real life that day lol!).

The shoot was styled by the fab Sarah Rickard who brought heaps of beautiful clothes to accompany the beautiful bags. My favourite combo of the day was the Berry Bag teamed with this vibrant mustard coat. I just thought the colours complimented each other so well. Her choice of pieces to go with the bags were all really trendy and fashionable yet very wearable and defo my kinda vibe!

The photographer Naomi Gaffey was so friendly and really made me feel at ease. Between Ellie having a meltdown from word go , and I myself feeling a little shy and nervous to be doing something totally out of my comfort zone; she was really understanding. I loved that she didn’t want any shots overly posed and wanted to have the shoot as real as we could make it. I’m not sure if I was any use as her model but regardless, even if I didn’t do a good job, she made me feel really comfortable which was above all the most important thing for me.

To get onto the bags …. holy lord!! Divine! They are so tasteful, classy and chic. When I was expecting Ellie I went for a fairly standard, run of the mill baby bag . The only ‘higher end’ baby bags that I would have loved to but were all crazy expensive that ran into the thousands (dream on!) so it just wasn’t an option to even look for something different.

I still wouldn’t have a bad thing to say about the baby bag I got, it’s grand and has done the job for the last two years, but if I had of known about these bags beforehand I think I would have treated myself.

Although they are higher end, they are far more affordable than what I was looking at beforehand .The way I look at it is, you will carry a baby bag around everyday once you become a Mama . It takes over having your own handbag to carry around, so why not treat yourself?! In the grand scheme of things you’re guaranteed that you will get your moneys worth with it. They are particularly a perfect gift idea for a baby shower for a group of pals to chip in buy for an expectant mother. The presentation of how they arrive is gorgeous ; the attention to detail with the packaging is so obvious.

While on the shoot I got to get a good look and feel for each of the styles. They are so practical and fit loads. The precision to detail from the lining, to the hardware to the various storage compartments and changing mat are impeccable. You really get a sense of “this is luxury” when you’re carrying it .

To wrap up, my top three picks out the collection are ……

The Jackie changing bag

The Heather Changing Bag

And lastly

The Berry Bag

Also worth noting they offer free shipping worldwide, and they do a bag tailored for Dads also which is really trendy and not at all like a Dad bag!

A massive thank you to Sive for asking myself and Ellie to be included in this shoot, we thoroughly enjoyed it (moreso me than Els! Lol) and I hope you guys love the bags as much as I do!

Jess x

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