Mustela Baby Skincare Review

Mustela Baby Skincare Review

It has been almost three months now since I switched over all of Ellie’s skincare to Mustela. I had attended a Mustela event back in September and I was really impressed with the presentation given by the experts behind the brand which has actually been around for over 60 years and originated in France.

When Ellie was a new born I hadn’t heard of the brand; and when she was about six months old I had noticed the range on shelves in a local pharmacy. As I still wasn’t familiar with how well established the brand was, I was still hesitant about trying something new on Ellie’s skin.

When Ellie was born I was very clear on the type of skincare that I wanted to use on her and I did my research on various brands I had heard about in the lead up to her arrival. The initial brand I opted for was brilliant and I stuck with that brand up until March of this year. For some unknown reason Ellie’s skin had a very bad reaction to  something which led to an all-over body rash which lasted approx 3 weeks before her skin calmed down. I went through various creams during that time to try and solve the problem. Having read up on infant’s skin – it is said that it is up to 30% thinner than that of an adults, which in turn makes it more susceptible to sensitivities. Also the barrier of an infants skin does not reach its first level of maturity until two years of age.

What I love most about the brand is that they don’t just offer a ‘one fit fits all’ approach to skincare. We regularly see skincare for babies marketed towards ‘sensitive’ , ‘delicate’ or indeed ‘normal’ skin which seem to blanket terms. Mustela tailor to specific skin types for babies which for me is so impressive; as from being a mother the past two years I have learnt that “what works for my baby may not work for yours”.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited out for a coffee with the lead Mustela International trainer Morgane Ducasse who was over from France on a short trip to Ireland. This was such a great opportunity to meet her and have her share her knowledge along with her colleague Victoria about infant skincare (and skincare in general) . Their knowledge and transparency while discussing Mustela skincare was so impressive and really helped me to instill trust in the brand. I was then forwarded some more education afterwards which was very scientific and comprehensive. I love to read into brands a bit more especially when newborns are involved ; and overall I would be very confident in recommending the range.

Mustela have skincare for babies with normal, dry, very sensitive skin and atopic- prone skin. For me the Atopic Prone skincare line Stelatopia is so valuable as often a parent’s choice for skincare for their babies’ with this skin type can be limited, this range has also been used on newborns out of the NICU also.

A unique ingredient in Mustela Bébé skincare line which I am using on Ellie is Avocado Perseose – derived from the sugars in Avocado; has proven in vitro activity from

“The surface of the skin right down to the epidermal cells”

It “strengthens the skin barrier, helps maintain epidermal hydration and preserves the irreplaceable lifetime supply of epidermal cells”

Caroline Baudouin – Head of Innovation Research and Development at Laboratories Expanscience

So far I’ve really enjoyed using the products on Ellie. Her skin is so soft and smooth. I love that the products are so gentle (I always patch test products I intend to use on her – on my face first, to get a feel of how gentle they are – all products have passed the Mama test!)

I use the Hyda Bébé lotion on Ellie after the bath and she not only loves the packaging (a cute lamb) but she really enjoys getting a little massage with this. I myself actually love using the Hydra Bébé body lotion also – it’s amazing to pop on after showering as it dries in really quickly and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin (also fab to apply after shaving!). This is a great lotion to apply after baths as it means you can dress baby quickly after application without having to wait for it to soak into the skin.

Another ‘Mammy’ use I found for the ‘no rinse’ Soothing Cleansing Water (for very sensitive skin) with Avocado Perseose – is that it is great to use as a pre cleanser for make up removal (yep I’ve totally tried and tested everything in myself first!) . This no rinse formula is great to pop into a muslin cloth to clean dirty faces and bums for baby and is suitable to use from birth.

If your baby suffers with cradle cap the Stelatopia Shampooing Mousse got a big thumbs up from us here; as Ellie’s cradle cap has disappeared since we started washing her hair with it. This product has ‘Avocado Perseose’ and ‘Sunflower Oil Distillate’ which together preserve the cellular richness of the skin barrier and helps to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier.

In addition to the above, I used the Soothing Chest Rub (with refreshing Pine scent) on Ellie about a month back when she was smothered with a cold. I m found it really helped to clear congestion and gave her great relief to be able to breathe and get back to sleep.

Overall, I have used a wide variety of Mustela products over the past three months and I honestly haven’t a bad word to say about any of them. This brand is continuously re-evaluating their products and are innovative in a world of ever expanding research which appeals to me as both a Mother and a healthcare professional .

Each product has done exactly as described, and has given brilliant results in maintaining the integrity of Ellie’s skin.

This brand is also committed to being eco-friendly which is very important to me. They have had a 9 tonne decrease in their annual consumption of plastic and have decreased their use of virgin plastics by 4.4 tonnes! They are committed to using recycled plastic tubing, sustainably sourced cardboard, and plant based inks on their boxes. They also have no superfluous over packaging and do not include paper inserts with products. 100% of the plant supply chains used by Mustela implement CSR action plans (Corporate Social Responsibility) .

A brand that cares for the skin of our future generations; that simultaneously cares for the world they will grow up in will certainly be one I will support in the years to come!

For further info on all products and skincare visit the Mustela website here.

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