Dripping Gold Review

Dripping Gold Review

As a self confessed tan junkie I’d like to say that I have pretty much sussed out my hits from and misses on the market. Obviously what works for you may not work for me, but I’ve been victim to buying some horrendous tans based off clever marketing only to be left green (yep green!), streaky and covered in rashes from allergic reactions. Although I have my firm favourites clocked by now, I am still always curious to try out new products.

I had heard loads of talk surrounding the new Dripping Gold tans by SoSu Suzanne Jackson and had read rave reviews as it launched. To be honest, when I see a mass amount of social media hype over something new I tend to zone out a little until the initial excitement dies down. If the positive reviews continue post press release I’ll then decide to give something a shot. My bestie Mel is a bit like me, a total beauty junkie who is a sucker for trying new tans. She had posted a couple of weeks ago that she had bought Dripping Gold and when I text her to ask what she thought she only had postive words, (which is hard coming from Mel she’s a tough one to win over with anything to do with make up or cosmetics lol!).  When I finished up nights last Friday morning I both felt and looked like death (and like I hadn’t seen daylight in about a year!) so on the way home I popped into a local pharmacy to treat myself to new tan. Remembering what Mel had said – when I got to the section with all the tanning products I realized that I had tried everything on the shelves except for Dripping Gold. Price point it was 23 Euro  which is a little more than I’d usually spend on a tan on a whim, but it was a post nights treat nonetheless so I was happy enough to part ways with my money to try it – generally you get what you pay for with these kinda products might I add.

I opted for the Ultra Dark as like I said above, I looked like I hadn’t seen daylight in about a year so I wanted to be sure that I was obviously bronzed for the weekend ahead. I followed the instructions as per the back of the box when I got home and applied it to clean, product-free skin after my shower when I got home. On application it went on really easily – a mousse that is nice and creamy once it hits the skin. I applied in circular motions using a velvet mitt and was pleased with how quickly it dried, leaving no sticky residue that I am often left feeling with majority of tans (even the ones I like!). The box states that there’s a tropical scent, and to be honest it’s very subtle, but the main thing that I was happy with was that it didn’t smell like tan either (we all know that smell, am I right lads?!) . I left it on for the full day (over the recommended 7 hours on the box) and didn’t find that it irritated my Eczema (perhaps due to the Chamomile or Hyaluronic Acid). I get irritation with most tans in areas such as the inside of my elbows, neck and back of my knees so you can only imagine the tan disasters I’ve had in the past due to my inability not to scratch that dreaded itch kicks off!.

The following morning I showered as normal and was left with a lovely medium to deep tan (the pic below doesn’t give it justice as it was taken on my phone under white florescent lighting! Oops – I will update this post with a better pic once I get a better shot – I just always feel compelled to add a  pic showing that I’ve actually used what I’m talking about) . The name Ultra Dark may put people off, but I was definitely not mahogany – in saying that I reckon a second layer would leave me very dark, so it’s obviously down to personal preference how dark you want to build it up. To my amazement Ben even said my tan was nice – he usually only remarks on the patches of tan from areas of dry skin or Eczema to bother passing any remarks, so this was a plus!

It wore off evenly into the following week (bare in mind I shower twice most days with the gym etc), and by Tuesday I noticed in a few areas that it was time to scrub myself. It came off very easily with my usual tan remover tricks and I left it until Wednesday evening to re-apply – which gave the same great results.

Overall I have to give credit where credit is due and I think Suzanne has hit the nail on the head with this one. The formula is very skin friendly and has added benefits such as Hyaluronic Acid (to hydrate), Vitamin A (encourages healthy skin cell production), Vitamin E (prevents free radical damage within the skin), Goji Berry (antioxidant) and Chamomile (anti-inflammatory)

I even went as far as buying the Medium yesterday to see what results it gives. Oh and did I add that it’s Cruelty Free, Paraben Free and Vegan Friendly so you can have a clear conscious as you tan!

A new addition to the list of hits for sure – so lovely to see an Irish gal come up trumps on some international cult faves! Bravo Suzanne!

You can purchase here or in local pharmacies nationwide.

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