First Breath to First Step Journal

First Breath to First Step Journal

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog; life has been hectic for 2019 (not all good! but sure that’s life) and I have really missed writing blog posts.

I have been busy with some good things though; and for anyone following a while you may have seen that the little project I started to post about last year finally came to fruition in March this year. I am so proud of it and I am delighted with the feedback.

There she is in all her glory – my First Breath to First Step‘ journal – When I was on Maternity Leave after having Ellie I felt that I missed out on documenting milestones with her. I also was so busy just being a new Mum and also going through postnatal depression. Although I wrote a lot in my own journal as I have always found writing therapeutic – I felt that Ellie’s ‘baby book’ was neglected as it seemed big, bulky and felt like extra effort to write in a separate journal that wasn’t mine.

Becoming a mother is life changing, there’s no denying that, and I felt that I went through every emotion imaginable during that first year –  of course the most obvious being immense happiness and love for the new person in your life ; but rarely do we talk about the loneliness, fear, guilt,anxiety and identity crisis many of us go through as we enter the world of motherhood (for either your first baby or third baby) ; every pregnancy and every baby is different.

I wanted to create a ‘safe place’ for mothers to write in to document the memories and milestones during babies’ first year, there’s so many highs and lows. I wanted the journal to prompt mothers plan ahead, write about goals (both personal and motherhood related) , practice self care, write about worries they have, document the ‘firsts’ with baby, think about going back to work and childcare, plan ahead for weaning and get pearls of wisdom from fellow Mamas etc. It is a journal that is jam packed, beautifully presented and a keepsake that you can pass on to the baby it is written about whenever they go on to have their own babies.

cannot talk about this journal without mentioning the amazing girls Emily & Aisling from @pip.and.ruby . I consider the girls friends now, and I couldn’t have done any of this without them. I approached the girls last year, after I handmade the whole journal page for page (yep, hand scribbled with my own questionable design formats for the pages …..oh how I laugh at it now! A five year old could draw better then I can!)

I asked them would they be interested in taking the journal on board as a collab and giving it the face lift and TLC I knew that they could do. The result that the girls came up with was the exact vision that I wanted – colourful, detailed, tasteful, pretty and of great quality. I honestly couldn’t have asked to work with nicer girls, who always kept (and keep!) me in the loop of everything to do with the journal. The girls are the ones in the background processing and packaging all orders with love and care and I cannot thank them enough for all the work they have put into this journal which started off on my kitchen table.

A full run through of the journal is saved on my highlights on my Instagram here. Pip&Ruby  Instagram page is available here (they do the most beautiful pieces!), and the link to order the journal is here.

A perfect gift for a new Mum to document her first year with her new baby and I hope you guys love it as much as we did creating it.

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