The Lippy Lowdown

The Lippy Lowdown

This is a blog post that I never imagined I’d of had the balls to go through “the experience” in order to write about. So I’ll get the awkwardness of ‘fessin’ up’ to what the ‘experience’ was (awkwardness that I’ve sprung upon myself might I add; it’s my body!) and get started – I got my lips done! (sheesh I feel like I’ve owned up to a terrible crime! lol!) and you know what? I’m feckin delighted that I did!

Before I start, I want to point out that I would never EVER condone changing anything about your appearance, but for me this was a personal decision that I came to after a good 4-5 years of feeling self conscious about my smile ; my upper lip used to go into hiding the moment a big cheesy smile came on my face. The disappearing upper lip bugged me to the point that I felt I couldn’t smile as I would do naturally in pictures- as once I went from looking ‘mediocre happy’ to ‘proper happy’ that upper lip would get stage fright and BAM – Bugs Bunny eat your heart out!


I had contemplated the idea for a long time, and did my research (super important before going into anything like this!) . I had told myself if I still felt the same as I did when I was 23 about my upper lip and smile by the time I hit 26-27  I would look into it. I am now 27 which I feel is a good age to have fully thought things through and made a very informed choice. The purpose if this post is purely to describe my experience of getting lip fillers for someone who may be dabbling with the idea like I was. I am in no way promoting the idea, but overall my experience was very positive.

I opted to go with Kasia from K Lush  who I had followed online since 2016. I always admired her work and how she continually upskills and trains to maintain her skills in all areas of her work. I messaged her to ask for a consultation as I really liked the ‘Garunova’ technique that she specializes in. I assumed that a consultation with her would be a very quick ‘in and out, bish bash bosh’ job, but it wasn’t. Kasia was an hour and a half discussing every single aspect of lip fillers with me, assessing the shape of my lips, the different types of fillers, particles of fillers and how long they last, possible side effects, talking through the procedure, what ‘looks’ I liked – and also of course WHY I was there.

As a healthcare professional myself I was so impressed with her approach towards me and I felt at ease and thoroughly informed on what I was doing. Kasia’s credentials for fillers were clearly displayed along with her other qualifications. Her treatment room was super clean, and during the procedure I was watching for obvious things such as aseptic technique, which I couldn’t fault.

Prior to injecting filler, Kasia popped some numbing cream on my lips for about 10-15 mins as she explained everything to me. After this kicked in, she then cleaned my lips, positioned me and gave me a stress ball to squeeze if I felt pain. As far as pain goes, I wouldn’t say it’s awful, but it’s not enjoyable (I mean there IS a needle going in) but I didn’t find it bad; like most things, my idea of ‘not bad’ could be someone else idea of hell.

Kasia made a wise suggestion to do my lips in two appointments so’s to not freak me out if I got worried about swelling (which there will be) and to give my lips time to stretch and to see what I felt with minimal filler in my lips would look like to get a ‘feel’ for it. I bled quite a bit for some reason during my first appointment as well, so I thought it was wise of Kasia to make that call (I did bruise afterwards which settled after 2-3 days under Kasia’s instructions). Full printed aftercare was given to me also.

Kasia kept in close contact with me for the following days to asses swelling and bruising. Two weeks after the inital procedure she brought me back to see how they looked and see if any further filler was needed. She put in 0.5ml during the first appointment and suggested that I may need more – hence she left me the two weeks in between to let them settle and see for myself if I wanted to have more.

Overall 1ml was used between my upper and lower lip to balance the look. Kasia advised me during the  inital consultation that it wouldn’t be wise to only put filler in my upper lip even though that was my area of concern – in order to ‘balance’ the symmetry both lips would need to be treated.

I certainly think I would have freaked out if the 1ml was done in one go. When Kasia said to me after the inital 0.5ml that she was certain I would want/need to come back for the second 0.5ml I thought she was mad and that it would be waaaay too much, but she was right and I really like the result. I no longer feel embarrassed when I smile and I don’t feel the need to ‘over line’ my lips with liner like I have done for years. I think they still look nice and natural (my own Mam didn’t even notice I got them done for over a month!) .

To be transparent, I did pay for the procedure but got a discount. I am not obliged to write anything about my experience but I want to give credit where it is due and share my experience for someone who may like some info on this topic.

The filler will last approx 6-12 months at which point afterwards my lips will go back to normal                                  

For more info or questions, contact Kasia on her business page and she will look after you!




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